Michele McDannoldHi there. My name is Michele McDannold. This is my hit the wall and must ask for some help page. I’m not the least bit comfortable with it, but I’ll shoot for as much transparency as possible and the rest is up to you.

First, I’ve run a few very short, specific and quite unorganized fundraisers for the LU. Let me be clear that this is not that. This is a personal fundraiser. The money to be used for basic living expenses, vehicle empowerment, a few thousand miles and the occasional lost miles…specifics to follow.

If you’ve come to this page, perhaps you’ve heard of me–probably something to do with my own writing or literary work. I’d rather trade than beg and I do have a few proven skills to share which I’ll detail in a moment.

It’s difficult to not be indiginant about it, pisses me off to have to ask for help. i suppose that’s the neat thing about being poor–the system will degrade you quite methodically to the point of numbness in matters of dignity. However, humble is the acknowledgment that accepts culpability. I have fucked up so many things, sometimes heartbreakingly so. Oh, to be human. It also doesn’t hurt to remember.. there really are worthier circumstances. I have travelled a bazillion miles, quite recently. There is so much need, suffering, injustice, outright and sinister rage.. for what? As hippy-dippy as it may sound, I’ve stood at the wishing well, the waterfall, the side of the mountain and wished for simply peace, healing.


Wait. What’s happening?

I need help.

I’m happy to report that the dream job has been located. I’ll be doing all those things I’ve been doing for The Literary Underground etc,. at a bricks and mortar bookstore opening in Northwestern Indiana this fall. Promoting literature and getting paid for it? Enough to live on? with kids even? Yes, it’s true. I’m really quite over the moon about it. What I need is a bridge to that much-needed new beginning.

The money I’m raising will be used to eat, to have a roof over my head and not just the jeep roof from now until I can get back to the midwest and find a longer-term place to lay my weary head. I really do need to **fix the damn windows** in the jeep for the trek home. It’s just not entirely safe sleeping in rest areas like that but that’s often what happens. I was recently gifted with a AAA membership but I do need to pay up the auto insurance. Gasoline, gasoline, more expensive gasoline. Probably an oil change at least. oh sweet baby jesus, the miles..There really is no excuse for my carbon footprint at this point. If it’s any consolation, I’ve spread some good words all over the countryside with random book giveaways and whatnot. so there’s that.


or using some other similar crowd-source platform? 1. the fees, in my opinion, are ridiculous. 2. some of the need is quite immediate and waiting for campaigns to run their course is not an option. I will, however, follow their lead in publicly reporting all funds that are raised and what it is used for. Much like is done in the usual crowd-sourcing platforms, I’ll be telling my story along the way and offering various rewards for donors.


I’ve done some stuff. I am offering you– in trade for your financial donations, my time and skill in a variety of creative endeavors. I served as the editor-in-chief of an online literary publication for five years; founded and maintained the grassroots literary activist effort known as The Literary Underground since 2010; established Citizens for Decent Literature Press which has been responsible for numerous print and online projects including the most recent and on-going “This Is Poetry” series; organized, attended and performed at literary events all across the country–promoting as many varied writers, writing and publishers along the way as possible. In doing these things, I have also picked up a few necessary to continue the work side-skills such as self-hosted wordpress set-up and design, leveraging social media to enhance the platform and how to do it all, including travel, on a shoe-string budget.

In Trade:

All donors will gain access to the subscription-based blog “Inside the Underground.” A writer being paid to write, I know–crazy but I like the idea.. I’ll ramble on the various observations from the road, commentary on literary scenes and whatnot.. the good, bad and completely insane. I’m also going to toss in some memoir writing–in the most straight forward as I get prose.. how I went from point A reaching somewhat stable but still locked in a patriarchal headfuck stepford situation to point B which is currently couch-surfing/air mattress-crashing.. on the west coast, with only less than what will fill a magical jeep minus the front windows but plus a charcoal grill. also, a long way from home. also, all mostly intentional-like. Go figure. I strive to keep it interesting, at least.

Additionally, for every $25 you donate, I will return two hours of my time, energy and skills to your project. My CV is here, to see some of what I’ve done.

  • i can write print and web copy for various promotional purposes, book intros, blurbs, press releases, as well as develop media kits, etc.
  • i can advise you on shaping up your manuscript, book layout, publishing options, social media campaigns, platform development, organizing literary events, how to make a zine, a chapbook, a perfect-bound book, an online journal, run an internet radio program or station.
  • i can build or refine basic portfolio or project websites. if it involves a custom domain or paid web hosting, you’ll have to cover that cost.
  • i can design print-ready files for mail art, posters, flyers, business cards, car magnets, bumper stickers.

if your project involves something else i haven’t covered here, you can hit me up with questions on whether or not i can help prior to donating at michelemcdannold (at)gmail [dot] com

you can ALSO choose the PAY IT FORWARD OPTION. that is, if you would like to donate some funds without choosing a “reward,” i will give that time to another creative person or project and document it on the aforementioned blog.


share this webpage and/or related social media whatnots i’m about to launch on the interwebs. it really does help. love and light to you all.

thanks for reading,
Michele McDannold